Hot water, hot deals

To unwind on a weekday, to socialise on a Saturday, to melt away stress and to massage aches and pains; whatever form of spa pool or swim spa ownership you might be looking for, there’ll be a model in the Hot Spring and Endless Pools range to suit. And at Hot Spring Hawkes Bay, you can rest assured that you’ll find the right spa pool at the right price thanks to our stunning spa pool deals.

An investment in your life

Sure, installing a spa pool in your own backyard is an indulgent and luxurious purchase. But in reality, this is less a cost than it is an investment.

  • In your property: A spa pool in your backyard can serve to add serious value to your property. If you’re looking to sell, it can also be the X-factor that makes your home stand out from the rest on the market. But don’t worry - as fully portable units, your swim spa or spa pool can join you at your new home!


  • In your holiday rental: Do you own an investment property? A Hot Spring spa pool can seriously increase its allure, particularly if you offer holiday and short-term rental. Say hello to increased earnings.


  • In your personal life: A Hot Spring spa pool is a 100% electronics-free zone that will have you connecting with your partner, family and friends. It’s a chance to reclaim the quality time lost to our busy modern lives.


  • In yourself: Speaking of busy lives and quality time, sometimes you need to take a more personal break. There’s no better place to enjoy some alone time than in a Hot Spring spa pool, where you can rest, relax and fully recharge.


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