Pool Chemicals

Water. It’s the most important ingredient in any pool or spa, and while ‘H2O’ might imply that it’s just the combination of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, the realities of water are always far more complex.

The water that comes out of your tap and garden hose will have its own unique characteristics: a combination of minerals and other impurities that reflect the area from which the water was drawn, whether a lake, a river, an underground aquifer or a desalination plant.

Water comes fresh and saline, pure and mineral-rich, even hard and soft (a reflection of calcium and magnesium content.) And getting the balance of these minerals and impurities right, while keeping the water as fresh, clear and welcoming as possible, is the job of pool and spa chemicals.

A Focus on pool and spa comfort

At Hot Spring Hawkes Bay we offer pool chemicals from Focus Products, a company that represents the pinnacle in Australasian water treatment and pool care.

Whatever your pool or spa water needs, the Focus range will be able to meet them. Chlorines, calciums, pH balancers, softeners, sanitisers, tablets; the list of Focus water treatments goes on and on. All Focus products are backed by a wealth of research and development, and are tried, tested and proven to work.

Soak in the finest water possible

But the products themselves are only half of the water care equation. With a wealth of knowledge on both local water characteristics and the most effective treatment methods, our team at Hot Spring Hawkes Bay are perfectly placed to create the best water conditions possible in your pool or spa.

We begin by using the latest and greatest in water testing technology – the WaterLink spin photometer – to analyse a current sample of your pool and spa water. In less than a minute this high-end testing technique will paint a complete picture of your water situation, at which point we can guide you on enhancing your soaking experience.

Perhaps you need an increase in one mineral, or a reduction in another. Perhaps you need to better balance your pH or change your filter. Perhaps you should consider switching from chlorine to salt. Whatever the case, you can trust our experienced team to show you the best way forward!

The difference fresh, clear and feathery soft water can make to your swimming and soaking experience is incredible. If you’re keen to up your pool or spa game, speak with our friendly team today!