Endless Pools® Collection

Not quite a spa pool, not quite a lap pool… more an enhanced version of both. Endless Pools swim spas make for a stunning addition to any backyard, turning it into a place for fitness, hydrotherapy, relaxation and fun. Endless Pools generate their own current to offer a swim-in-place experience – there’s no need to install an expensive lap pool – while also opening up a world of hydrotherapy, and the option to relax or have fun with family and friends. And all this in a compact and easy-to-install package!

A spa pool and lap pool in one

Why compromise? Endless Pools® swim spas combine the cost-effectiveness, wellness and fun of a spa pool, with the hydrotherapy, fitness and ultimate luxury of a backyard lap or swimming pool. Rather than choosing one or the other, in an Endless Pool you can have it all.

A swim spa generates a ‘swim in place’ experience by producing a controllable current of water that matches the speed of your swim or walk. In many ways it’s far better than a lap pool - despite only measuring a few metres long, there’s no need for tumble-turns here! 

Join thousands of other Kiwis in enjoying a better way to swim and soak. Whether you’re looking for fitness, fun or hydrotherapy, an Endless Pools swim spa will deliver it in a compact and cost-effective, yet luxurious and indulgent package.

A fitness revolution

The powerful and intelligent Endless Pools current generation system is capable of shifting 19,000L of water every minute. It produces a column of moving liquid that is controllable, free from turbulence, and deeper and wider than your stroke. Whether you’re in need of light hydrotherapy or high-level training, an Endless Pool will deliver.

Swim spa or lap pool?

There are a number of reasons why thousands of Kiwi homeowners have chosen an Endless Pools swim spa over traditional pool, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: The space needs, building permissions and maintenance of a lap or swimming pool can be significant. A compact and efficient swim spa solves each of these problems.
  • Ease of installation: No need for expensive and time-consuming excavation and installation - a portable Endless Pools swim spa can be set up wherever you have a few square metres of free space.
  • Functionality: No matter how fast and how far you swim, you’ll never get to the end of this pool! Add in soothing hydromassage delivered by dedicated jets, and the health and wellness benefits become extensive.
  • Safety and security: A thermal cover not only retains heat, it keeps your family safe!

Swim spa health benefits

An Endless Pools swim spa is not only an investment in your home and your relationships, it’s an investment in your health, helping to:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Improve blood flow
  • Relieve soft tissue aches and pains
  • Elevate fitness levels
  • Soothe tired muscles
  • Speed up the natural healing of your body