Spa & Pool Valet Services

While the innovative and market-leading technology found in Hot Spring spa pools and Endless Pools swim spas make them some of the lowest maintenance models around, the fact is that some work is required to keep your spa and/or pool in tip top condition.

Perhaps you don’t have time for spa pool maintenance. Perhaps you find yourself away from home for weeks or months at a time. Whatever the case, you need some help in keeping your spa pool clean, your water fresh, and your massage jets in good working order. Ideally that help will come in the form of local, reliable, and totally trustworthy experts.

Which is exactly what the Hot Spring Hawkes Bay spa and pool valet service delivers.

Your local, friendly spa and pool experts

At Hot Spring Hawkes Bay we have developed intimate knowledge of local weather and water conditions, and how they affect pools and spas. We can take care of every aspect of spa pool ownership for you, whether installation, repairs or water care, doing so on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as-needed basis.

With the work taken care of, you get to enjoy a pool, swim spa or hot tub that is always warm, always fresh, and always ready for action. Our spa and pool valet service ensures you enjoy all the benefits of spa pool ownership, without any of the work!

We are able to assist with all aspects of spa pool care and upkeep, including:


Whether a simple once-off pool and spa clean, a regular scrub, or a complete green spa restoration, our expert maintenance team has the skills and the tools to bring your spa or pool to crisp and glistening life. As many of our customers have said before, our deep cleans can feel like taking delivery of a brand new model!

Water care

With an intimate knowledge of Hawkes Bay H2O, our experts know exactly how to balance your pool or spa water to make it the freshest, softest and clearest around. We can test and perform detailed analysis of your water, and supply and maintain pool chemicals, filters, pumps and covers to ensure your water is always swim- or soak-ready.

Repairs and enhancements

From repairing breakdowns to offering inflatables, leisure products and training aids, our experts are able to fix any spa or pool issue, and are ready to enhance your swimming or soaking experience in all manner of ways.