The Freeflow Spas® Collection


Why shouldn’t indulgence and affordability go hand in hand? This is the argument made by the Azure, a four-person spa pool that may be a part of Hot Spring’s Freeflow range, our entry-level collection, but that delivers a perfectly relaxing, soothing and therapeutic soaking experience. No matter the reason for your spa pool investment - hydrotherapy, family time, socialising, rest and relaxation - the Azure is ready to deliver it, and at a price that is kind to the hip pocket.


4 Adults


203 x 160 x 84 cm


900 litres



Make it your own

Cabinet Cabinet / Shell Combo

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Packed full of features

The Azure shows that ‘entry-level’ can be a subjective term. This is a spa pool that boasts a list of features that other ‘luxury’ spa pools may struggle to match. You’ll be treated to a chilly bin and an intuitive digital control panel built right into the unit. Multi-colour underwater lighting allows you to set the mood. The Azure even comes with its very own waterfall feature.

Jettison tension

But for the headline act, look no further than the 18 jets, each designed and positioned to offer a hydromassage experience that melts tension away. A full-length recliner is lined with eight of those jets, delivering a hydrotherapy experience that begins in your neck and shoulders, moves down through your back, and finishes at your legs. This top-to-toe experience can in fact be enjoyed by all, with each seat boasting back jets, and footwell jets helping to soothe tired muscles and joints.

No tradies needed

Featuring Hot Spring’s patented Plug-N-Play technology, spa pool installation has never been simpler than with the Azure. Choose a spot that can play host to the spa’s 203cm x 160cm footprint, use a garden hose to fill the spa with water, and plug it into a normal power outlet. Once your Azure has had the chance to warm up, you’ll be ready to soak! An added benefit of Plug-N-Play technology is that it lets you take your spa with you, whether you’re a renter taking up a new tenancy, or a homeowner moving house.

Fully-insulated unibody construction

The clever one-piece design of the Azure has been chosen for its strength, simplicity and durability. Created using rotational moulding, a production technique that results in the unique unibody construction, the Azure is so robust that it doesn’t even need an internal frame! The shell is instead lined with full foam insulation, retaining the heat of the water and dramatically lowering power bills when compared to other entry-level spa pools on the market.

Product Specs

Seating Capacity

4 adults


203 x 160 x 84 cm

Water Capacity

900 litres


160 kg Dry Weight

Lighting System

Multi-colour underwater light

Jet Count


Water Features


Control System

Intuitive digital control panel with eco modes


Plug-N-Play 240V, 10amp (2kw heater)


No-Fault™, 2000w/240V

Ozone System


Vinyl Cover Options

ASTM approved safety cover with locking clips and hinge seal

* Includes water and 4 adults weighing 79 kg. each
**Depending on local electrical circumstances