The Hot Spot® Collection

SX ™

Angular, contemporary, modern and minimalist: in the SX®, a model in Hot Spring’s value packed Hot Spot® range, you have a spa pool that combines the quality, beauty, efficiency and innovation that Hot Spring is known for, but in a perfectly compact and affordable package. This is a three-person spa that can be placed - and looks great - almost anywhere.


3 Adults


183 x 196 x 84 cm


870 litres



Make it your own

Cabinet Cabinet / Shell Combo

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A trifecta of hydromassage

Three sumptuous bucket seats occupy the corners of the SX, and each offers a unique array of hydromassage jets. The centre seat features Hot Spring’s patented Moto-Massage Jet, the world’s first moving spa pool jet that represented a revolution in spa pool technology when it was first released. This jet sweeps up and down you back, delivering soothing streams of warm water all the while.

The other two seats in the SX have extensive arrays of Directional Precision Jets - six on one, seven on the other - which serve to soothe, massage, relax and rehabilitate. Adjust the pressure of the jets with the LCD control panel built into the side of the unit, and enjoy an indulgent and perfectly personalised spa experience.

Beauty in simplicity

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. The linear form of the SX is clean and crisp - every angle and edge carefully chosen to balance form with functionality. This is a perfectly minimalist spa pool that offers high end design, but at a more affordable price.

With a footprint that measures 183cm x 196cm, you can also enjoy the beauty of the SX in a larger number of places. Whether a small deck, a compact courtyard or even a balcony, the SX will fit where other spas won’t, while offering plentiful soaking room for up to three people.

Less work, more play

On top of looking good and feeling good, the SX also does the hard work for you. The SilentFlo® 5000 continuous circulation system keeps your water moving 24/7, reducing jet noise and spa wear and tear. The No-Fault heater warms your water quickly and economically, and the FiberCor® insulation lowers power bills by keeping your water warmer for longer.

Finally, the bromine-based FROG® system uses cartridges to make water care simple. No more measuring out chemicals - your water is kept fresh by replacing a cartridge and setting a dial based on how often you use your spa!

Product Specs

Seating Capacity

3 adults


183 x 196 x 84 cm

Water Capacity

870 litres


295 kg dry
1,400 kg filled*

Lighting System

6 multi-colour LED points of light, dimmable.

Jet Count


Hot Tub Jets

1 Moto-Massage® jet
1 XL Rotary Hydromassage jet
16 Directional Precision™ jets

Control System

IQ 2020™ with LCD control panel
240v/10amp, 50Hz


230v / 10amp / 50Hz
Other configurations**


No-Fault™ 2000w/230v

Jet Pump 1

Wavemaster™ 9200; Two-speed,
2.5 HP Continuous Duty,
5.2 HP Breakdown Torque

Circulation Pump

SilentFlo 5000® for quiet continuous filtration (optional)

Ozone System

FreshWater® III Corona Discharge (optional)

Water Carte Options

EverFresh® system with CD ozone (optional)

FROG® In-Line Cartridge Ready*


Effective Filtration Area

2.75 m2, top loading

Polyester Cover Colours

Black, Grey or Chestnut

Cover Lifters (Optional)

CoverCradle™, CoverCradle II
or UpRite™

* Includes water and 3 adults weighing 79 kg. each
**Depending on local electrical circumstances