The Freeflow Spas® Collection


The TriStar from the Freeflow Spa® Collection is a spa pool designed for those who may have never considered being a spa pool owner before. This is one of the most affordable models in the entire range, while also being one of the most compact and cleverly shaped, allowing it to fit into more spaces than perhaps any other Hot Spring spa pool. The triangular shape allows two people to unfurl for a comfortable soak, while providing room for another person in between.


3 Adults


178 x 178 x 79 cm


700 litres



Make it your own


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A triple threat

Three corners, three seats, endless relaxation and fun. The TriStar is compact, sure, but it still manages to deliver an indulgent spa experience. 17 expertly designed and positioned jets produce powerful yet therapeutic streams of water, designed to work away tension and offer total body relaxation.

Twin captain’s chairs are found in the corners, which offer hydromassage to key areas of the body, including the back, the feet and the wrists. The third seat, meanwhile, is designed as a cool down bench - a place where you can take a break between hydrotherapy sessions, or where a third person can join the party.

Setup is a cinch

Not only does the TriStar deliver a hydromassage experience that belies its size and price, it’s also far simpler to set up than you might imagine. As with a number of models in the Freeflow collection - Hot Spring’s entry-level range - the TriStar features Plug-N-Play technology. What does that mean? Well, exactly what it says!

  1. Position your spa wherever you’d like.
  2. Fill it with water using a hose.
  3. Plug it into a standard outlet.
  4. Set the water temperature using the built-in control panel.
  5. Wait for it to warm
  6. Enjoy your first soak!

Ultra-tough unibody construction

The cost-effectiveness of the TriStar is in no small part due to the clever techniques utilised in its production. This model features unibody construction - one piece of hard-wearing plastic is roto-moulded into a shape so strong that, unlike most spas, it doesn’t need an internal frame. Less labour and fewer materials equals lower production costs, with these savings passed onto you!

What’s more, the space usually taken up by the internal frame is instead filled with full foam insulation. This ensures that the heat of the water doesn’t escape the spa and the cold of the outside doesn’t enter, significantly lowering power bills!

Product Specs

Seating Capacity

3 adults


178 x 178 x 79 cm

Water Capacity

700 litres


135 kg Dry Weight


Lighting System

Multi-colour underwater light

Jet Count


Control System

Intuitive digital control panel with eco modes


Plug-N-Play 240V, 10amp (2kw heater)


No-Fault™, 2000w/240V

Ozone System


Vinal Cover Options

ASTM approved safety cover with locking clips and hinge seal

* Includes water and 3 adults weighing 79 kg. each
**Depending on local electrical circumstances