Dolphin Robotic Vacuum

The swimming pool. It’s seen as a marker of opulence, as a place of fitness and fun, as the ultimate lifestyle enhancement. But they can also be a lot of work – the bigger the pool, the more there is to clean.

So why not get someone – or more accurately, something – to clean it for you?

In the Dolphin Robotic Vacuum you have a completely automated pool cleaning tool; one capable of brushing and wiping down surfaces, sucking away dirt and debris, reducing backwash frequency and significantly cutting pool chemical use.

The Dolphin Robotic Vacuum is the ultimate set and forget machine. Minimal intervention is required once the simple initial setup is complete, as this intelligent unit self-adjusts to ensure that every square centimetre of your pool is cleaned in the most efficient way possible. This same intelligence can identify when the vacuum is facing a corner or step, ensuring it doesn’t get stuck.

Entirely independent from the rest of your pool machinery, in collecting and storing dirt and debris the Dolphin Robotic Vacuum can ease the load on pumps and filters, while using minimal power.

Invest in a Dolphin Robotix Vacuum

The reasons to invest in a Dolphin Robotix Vacuum are many and varied, but 6 of the most compelling include:

  1. Reduced reliance on chemicals: By mechanically filtering and removing impurities (down to 2 microns), and constantly mixing and moving the water, a Dolphin Robotix Vacuum can dramatically reduce your need for pool chemicals.
  2. Less wear and tear: Because all the dirt, debris and impurities picked up by the Dolphin Robotix Vacuum are self-contained, your filters will be relieved of a lot of their work, and your pumps will be subject to less wear and tear.
  3. Lower power bills: Robotic vacuum cleaners are up to 93% more efficient than standard pool filtration systems, and can cost as little as five cents per cycle hour.
  4. A complete clean: Robotic vacuum cleaners scrub every square centimetre that is submerged, from the bottom, to the sides, and up to the water line. They offer the most complete clean possible.
  5. Less work, more play: There’s no two ways about it – pool cleaning can be an incredibly time-consuming task. By handing a large chunk of the work over to a Dolphin Robotix Vacuum, you can focus on the fun of pool ownership!
  6. They’re cool!: A Dolphin Robotix Vacuum is like your very own pool boy, quietly working day and night to ensure the water is always ready for swimming. Beyond being efficient and cost-effective, this is just a cool piece of kit!