M400 Robotic Vacuum


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M400 robotic pool vacuum from Dolphin.

Product Overview

Pool ownership is a luxury and a joy… until it comes time to clean. It’s a monotonous and laborious job, and one that can be difficult to delegate. In New Zealand at least, hired help doesn’t come cheap. So instead of getting someone else to clean your pool, why not get something else? 

Introducing the M400 robotic pool vacuum from Dolphin.

One of the best-selling robotic pool vacuums on the market, the M400 combines industry-leading tech with low running costs. It’s an investment that saves you from the back breaking labour of scrubbing your pool, replacing it with a constant, consistent and cost-effective clean.

A seriously clever clean

The M400 is a personal pool assistant that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It scrubs, cleans and vacuums the surface of your pool, ensuring it sparkles all year round.

Thanks to its CleverClean™ smart navigation system, the M400 will scrub every square centimetre of your pool on a regular basis, while Dolphin Swivel technology ensures cables and hoses don’t get tangled. This is a pool vacuum that you can set and forget.

Naturally clear water

While pool filtering and chemicals play their part, the most effective and affordable way to keep your pool water clear is by ensuring the surface of your pool is clean. If contaminants build up, your water could become cloudy, and dangerous bacteria could even invade.

Unlike manual cleaning, the M400 guarantees a deep scrub of all pool surfaces. And unlike pressure and suction cleaners, the M400 is cost-effective to operate. Its ultra-fine filters capture contaminants you can’t even see, while its running costs - as little as 5c per hour - means you get the best clean for less.

Add in a 36 month warranty, and you also have a truly risk-free pool cleaning solution!

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