Water Testing

Is your spa pool water as fresh, soft and clear as it could possibly be? You might be surprised at the difference between standard spa pool water and the very best: it’s an entirely different soaking experience, one that is even more soothing, relaxing and therapeutic than normal.

But to ensure your spa pool water is the best that it can be, you must know that water. And to know that water, you must test that water.

At Hot Spring Hawkes Bay we’ve been testing and enhancing the unique water of the Hawkes Bay region since 2016. Over that time we have developed intimate knowledge around the characteristics of local water and the treatments needed to get the best out of it.

The first step for Hawkes Bay spa pool owners is to visit our showroom and get your water tested – a process that offers up an incredibly detailed snapshot of your spa pool water, while being almost instant and completely free!

The latest and greatest in water testing technology

You won’t find any litmus strips or clunky machinery here. At Hot Spring Hawkes Bay we use the latest and greatest in spa pool water testing tech, to provide a detailed analysis of your water in super quick time.

The WaterLink® spin photometer is amongst the most advanced wet chemistry systems on the market. It is fully automated, with minimal hands-on work required, and zero need for post-test clean-up – just load a water sample in and it does the rest!

Combine this lack of manual operation with a 30-60 second test cycle, and no water testing system on the market can compete with WaterLink’s efficiency. This is a system capable of completing up to 60 tests an hour!

What’s more, the WaterLink® spin photometer is incredibly detailed and precise, measuring a broad array of key characteristics and chemical signatures, offering up a complete picture of your current spa pool water situation.

And don’t forget, our WaterLink® spin photometer water testing service is 100% FREE!

Acting on the insights

Once we’ve analysed your water, we’ll be able to offer advice on how it might be enhanced (if it needs to be enhanced at all.) Depending on the results, we might advise an adjustment of pool chemicals, a change in cleaning, filtering, ozone or chlorination methods, or perhaps the addition of a cover or accessory.

The testing and advice are completely free, and it’s entirely up to you as to how you move forward. We give you the knowledge, and you can use it however you like!