S200 Robotic Vacuum


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S200 robotic pool vacuum from Dolphin.

Product Overview

Pool cleaning is one of those repetitive and laborious tasks that is made for automation. And in the S200 robotic vacuum by Dolphin, you have a machine built for exactly that.

Packed with some of Dolphin’s most innovative pool cleaning technologies, the S200 can be dropped in your pool and largely forgotten, as it clinically scrubs your pool’s surfaces to keep it fresh and ready for fun.

Clean here, there, everywhere

Thanks to its PowerStream Mobility System that offers strong and constant grip on vertical walls, the S200 can reach every square centimetre of your pool’s surface. In fact, it is guaranteed to, thanks to some market-leading navigation technology.

State-of-the-art software scans your pool's surface, and navigates the S200 in a way that ensures it scrubs every inch over the course of a cleaning cycle. The machine uses a three-pronged approach:

  • IntelliEscape sees the S200 avoiding and escaping from obstacles.
  • IntelliGrip guarantees traction control no matter the surface.
  • IntelliSteer provides pool coverage that is efficient and complete.

Efficient and effective

The S200 features two filtration options that allow the unit to capture everything from leaves and rough debris to the finest dirt, while the rotating scrubbing head deals with any build up of algae and bacteria.

When the time comes to empty the S200, simply take the robot out of the pool, remove the easy clean net basket, and give it a quick rinse. The beauty of the S200 is in its simplicity - you don’t have endless functions and features to choose from, you just put it in the pool and let it do its job. Pool cleaning could not be easier.

Add in the 24 month warranty on parts and labour, and the S200 offers peace of mind on top of a clean pool!

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