M600 Robotic Vacuum


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M600 robotic pool vacuum from Dolphin.

Product Overview

Can pool vacuums really clean as deeply and completely as a professional pool cleaner? A lot of pool owners will argue that no, they don’t. But those pool owners may not have met the M600 by Dolphin.

The M600 is the robotic pool vacuum for those that want the best of the best: the best clean, the best technology, the best efficiency and the best control. Packed with innovations that you won’t find anywhere else, this robotic vacuum offers the ultimate hands-free clean.

The most complete clean

The M600 has been designed from the ground up to deliver the deepest and most complete pool clean on the market. The dual-drive motor and PowerStream mobility system allows it to get to even the most difficult corners of your pool, while a smart navigation system ensures every inch of your pool’s floor, walls and waterline are covered.

The M600 also features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to choose a specific type of clean through the MyDolphin app. You can control your M600 from anywhere, whether the side of your pool or the other side of the world.

The deepest clean

Not only does the M600 cover every part of your pool, it offers the deepest possible scrub as it goes. Its advanced dynamic active scrubber has been designed to clean deeper, using an all terrain PVC brush to remove contaminants that others can’t. Once the clean is complete, Pick Me Up mode brings the M600 to the surface, where it offers its carry handle to you for easy extraction.

What’s more, the M600 is the world's first climate care certified pool cleaner. It reduces energy consumption by 83%, it results in 60-80% less water wastage from backwashes, and it ensures you use less chemicals thanks to fewer backwashes.

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