S100 Robotic Vacuum


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S100 robotic pool vacuum from Dolphin.

Product Overview

How much should pool cleaning cost? If you hire a professional, quite a bit, though you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the job will be done right. The same applies to robotic pool cleaners; the more you pay, the more likely your pool is to be thoroughly cleaned.

But affordability doesn’t necessarily have to be at the expense of effectiveness - there are cost-effective robotic vacuum options that are great at keeping your pool surfaces sparkling, your water fresh and your hands free. A prime example: the S100 by Dolphin.

Complete coverage

Unlike other robotic pool vacuums, the S100 won’t leave a patch of floor or wall untouched. Through an approximately two hour cleaning cycle, it uses CleverClean navigation technology to ensure every single surface gets the deep scrub it deserves.

Combine complete pool coverage with active brushing to remove algae and bacteria, and a clever filtration system designed to catch fine dirt and debris, and you can be confident that the S100 will rid your pool of the contaminants that can cause your water to cloud and discolour. Its top-access filtration system also makes removal and cleaning an absolute breeze!

Affordable in every way

As one of the most cost-effective models in the Dolphin robotic vacuum range, the S100 gives you complete pool cleaning while also being easy on the hip pocket. This extends to running costs too, as the S100 has some of the lowest on the market!

While it might not be as feature-packed as other vacuums in the Dolphin range, the S100 offers beauty in simplicity. It’s a pool cleaning machine designed to do exactly what it says on the packet, and it does it well. If you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to relieve yourself of the pain of pool cleaning, you’ve found it.

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