S300i Robotic Vacuum


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S300i robotic pool vacuum from Dolphin.

Product Overview

The need to clean your pool can suck much of the fun out of ownership. It can turn it from a luxury to a burden, as leaves collect, algae accumulates and dirt and debris cover the floor. But with the S300i by Dolphin, the days of hard, pool cleaning labour are over.

Robotic pool vacuums don’t come much more value-packed than the S300i. This is a pool cleaner that marries quality, innovation and affordability like almost no other, allowing you to trade in the nets, brushes and annoyance for more rest, relaxation and fun in the sun.

Complete coverage with smart navigation

The S300i is one of the smartest, strongest and most thorough robotic pool vacuums on the market. It uses its unique PowerSteam Mobility System to grip onto the walls and reach every crack and crevice of your pool, from the floor to the walls, right up to the waterline.

Unlike other vacuums that rely on luck to hit every surface, the S300i also features a smart navigation system that scans your pool to ensure every square centimetre is scrubbed throughout the cleaning cycle. This is a truly efficient clean.

Easy automation

Not only does the S300i automate pool cleaning, saving you hours of time, it’s also one of the quick and simplest vacuums to operate. As you can tell from the ‘i’ in the name, this is an intelligent machine that offers wireless connectivity, allowing you to control it via the MyDolphin app on your phone.

Once the cleaning cycle is complete, emptying the S300i is an absolute breeze, thanks to a caddy for easy handling and a top-access filtration system that can be removed and cleaned in moments. Add in an energy saving multi-function power supply, a range of cycle options and super efficient operation, and your S300i will end up saving you both time and money.

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